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who we are

What Makes Us Different

Our team at Punta Cana 4 Sale prides itself on bringing unique properties to market and not simply “copy/pasting” what’s out there. The listings you find on this site are either off-market, exclusive or unique in the way the property is being sold (we specialize in owner-financed properties). We do this through direct marketing to Punta Cana property owners. Speaking directly to owners allows us to negotiate exclusive listings and unique purchasing terms.

Our Team

Punta Cana 4 Sale is made up of a small group of experienced locals who’ve been welcoming and orienting Punta Cana visitors for 15+ years. What started as a Tour Operator venture at Punta Cana Tours, in 2007, has now branched into Punta Cana Real Estate. Our team is simply leveraging our local tourism experience with real estate knowledge to help others not only visit but also invest. Punta Cana 4 Sale goes hand in hand with Punta Cana Tours, offering a uniquely curated selection of Punta Cana properties for clients who visit the destination as tourists but wish to return as property owners.